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tv   CBS5 Eyewitness News Pre- Game Show  CBS  October 29, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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over the past couple hours. that last image, 78 miles an hour in new york city. that is some of the strongest wind there in a couple generations. for where the storm is heading? it will move inland. that will be a problem, moving inland slowly. hurricanes pack a lot of rain. one of the biggest threats moving forward is inland flooding. 4 to 10-inches of rain and widespread power outages and some of the worst beach erosion in 30 years. sandy is having an impact even on ather. details comingup. bcs reporter are joining us from lower manhattan where the storm is more aggressive by the minute. >> reporter: it has taken an ominous tone in the past hour or so. the rain stopped falling as hard. i want to show what is going on mind me. this is all played out in the last 20 minutes. my photographer will pan over and you can see this entire
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area. this is part of the regular adway. out n see by the park benches abfeet ofwater have past 20 nutes. barrier in the water is splashingver thsethe t manhattan. widespread flooding is the biggest concern in the ti's largest cityas hurricane say apes. oache orm rgcould reach 11 feet. eninst about 8:00 this m surge h ev you can see thtide is risi. >> residents who live near the water where i'm standing are among the 375,000 new yorkers under a mandatory evacuation. but you cannot force everyone to leave and some people are choosing to stay. >> i don't have the necessity to leave. i have food, water, my kids, and my dog and that's the safest place to be. >> the city shut down buses,
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subways and trains. they are also closing tunnels and bridges. >> if you are in your home soe whe you can rein, stay there. the time for relocation or evacuation is over. >> with fierce wind gusts expected many businesses are taping their windows. in queens, the surf is high at rock rockaway beach. >> this seems worst than last year. >> reporter: the power of sandy is felt in midtown. a crane snapped at a construction site and in brooyndamaged ility lines created dangerous sparks. >> reporter: in termof numbers, in terms of power outages, 300,000 new yorkers are dealing with having no power right now. on top of that, the mass transit system is crippled. there is a complete halt of all
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subway, bus, and as of 7:00 p.m. this evening, the major bridges and tunnel getting you in and out of manhattan are closed. >> thank you. sandy is shutting down airports on the east coast. it is grounding thousands of flights across the country. the ripple effect is felt here with hundreds of flights canceled. some travels are not sure how long they have been stranded. >> reporter: we're not seeing a lot of travelers camped out. word got out the flights to the northeast are canceled. >> i was out here for a wedding. i was supposed to fly out last night. things happened, obviously. so i have been here a while. >> reporter: this man is trying to get a flight to boston but had to reschedule it for thursday. 60 flights were canceled
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yesterday, and 150 today, including departures. the big cities most affected are boston, new york, and washington and who knows what tomorrow holds. >> given the fact the weather system has yet to move through some of the cities it is difficult to gauge the full extent of it now. that makes it very important for passengers to checkup to date with the status of their own flight. >> this man is scheduled to fly to brazil by way of new york wednesday and is not sure he will be able to get out even then. >> i hope it will be okay. >> reporter: most passengers say the airlines are cooperating as best they can, but there is a great deal of on uncertainty as air travelers across the country are forced to wait to see sandy's impact. >> they say to me to keep waiting. they don't know exactly if i will be on the flight or not. >> reporter: airlines have started to cancel flights for tomorrow. if you have a flight to the northeast in the next several
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days. it will take a while to get the backlog taken care of. 100 california air national guard members are headed to the east coast to assist with rescue efforts, the 129th rescue wing are bringing food, supplies, and live saving equipment to the storm zone. they loaded up at the airport this morning, bound for charlotte, north carolina. from there, they will go wherever they are needed. a truly orange october. thousands of pacific center celebrating a second world series title in three years as the giants swept the detroit tigers. the nonstop celebration going strong this evening. sfo fire department welcomed home the giant with a water cannon absolute. the champions landed an hour ago. let's go live to mobile 5, fans waiting to celebrate the return of the giants. ken. >> reporter: what a roar that
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came up, allan, when they came around the corner. a half-dozen buses with california highway patrol and san francisco police department. motorcycle escort, lights going, and what a scene it was. you can see the crowd that is still here, several hundred people on the corner of 2nd and king. when the buses made the corner, man, did they let out a roar. at one point, we saw the trophy. san do value took it off the bus and ran through the crowd with it. sergio romo was with him. bruce bochy said, hey, the party is just getting started. >> you know, this was a special group. we are not saying good-bye. we will be here a couple days. we'll see what happens. but i cannot say i've had more fun than what i had this year. >> reporter: when it was 3-3, and it looked pretty tight in there, and it looked like they were maybe going to go into extra innings, were you sweating a little.
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>> not a sweat. we had it under control, you know? we were there all the way. >> reporter: super confident. >> that's what a true giant fan is. >> reporter: this is a special group of players, the coach said . a group that stayed together and played together and played for their fans and friends and families. we're live at at&t park. back to you. thank you, while the celebration seems to be under control tonight. as you saw anything but tame in the mission district last night. fans tagged buildings, set fires on the street and torched a $700,000 bus. the police tried to disperse the crowd. beer bottles were thrown at 36 people arrested. giants fans stood in long lines tobe the first to get their hands on world series champion gear. this morning they lined up
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around the corner to buy world series gear. some waited almost an hour. it was the same at walnut creek and in the south bay. the long lines and high sticker prices are worth it to have a piece of baseball history. well, warning is out for giants fans, don't be tricked into buying make merchandise. they will crack down on people peddling counterfeit memorabilia. >> you can watch the parade of champions on tv or on >> a live look at radar up next. more on the super storm. we hear how sandy is saving halloween in the bay area. days of deliberation over, jurors reach a verdict in the killing of the nursing student.
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student michelle le, will sd at least 25 years in prison. . the former friend that killed michelle le will spend at least 25 years in prison. >> giselle esteban was found guilty. she disappeared in may of last year and her body was found four months later. esteban blamed le for wrecking her relationship with her ex- boyfriend. a man was hit by a train while on his cell phone. it happened on first street, north of highway 101 in san jose. the man was running a red light and on his phone when he was clipped by the train. an ambulance took him to the hospital. he apparently has broken bones. we'll get to the bay area weather in a second, first
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hurricane sandy making landfall as a post tropical storm in southern new jersey. the triboro bridge just had a gust of 100 miles per hour, strongest in the history of the bridge. the battery had the highest tide in new york city history, 11.9 feet. much of lower manhattan is 3 to 5 feet underwater. wind gusts is 78 miles per hour. for us, could not be any different. sunshine. world series championship, we have a lot going on here. good stuff going on currently as we have dry conditions on the radar. we'll stay that way for the next couple days. actually, sandy will help us stay dry for halloween. how does that happen? sandy so the east coast, we are west. sandy is blocking the progress of everything behind it, like a traffic jam. low pressure to the north and west cannot get because of sandy and will not arrive until
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thursday, meaning trick or treat forecast will be mainly dry because of a hurricane 3,000 miles away. another foggy morning tomorrow. it will be try through halloween. soggy weather on thursday. here is the forecast. nice tomorrow, cloudy, cooler on wednesday, rain moves in, rain likely for november 1, but what happens friday through sunday, we're talking 80 inland, mid 70s near the bay. right now looking dry on halloween evening because of hurricane sandy. how about that? >> good news for trick or triters and the parade. >> yes. we'll be right back. ,,
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on cbs5. here's dennis o donnell. . special preview of tonight's 49ers game coming up here on cbs-5. >> thank you, guys. alongside jeremy newberry, i'm dennis o'donnell. right now at the university of phoenix stadium in glendale, arizona, the 49ers and cardinals are set to kick off? 15 minutes. san francisco has won 10 of the last 12 games against division opponents and face a cardinal football team that has lost three straight. 49ers have a one game lead over
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the cardinals. for more on a little tension right now between the teams, let's go to kim in arizona. >> reporter: the 49ers have won 5 of 6 against the cardinals. it is the 6th game that gave arizona a little swagger that they can go toe to toe with the new bullies of the nfc west on and off the field. >> especially going up against a team we hate with a passion, i cannot wait to stick it to them. i know they are crabbing about me. we are a rival team. hate is a strong word. they are a division opponent. we play them twice a year. it is a great rivalry. hate is a word i would not news. >> reporter: it is no surprise, that you do have to wonder how much sleep john skeleton lost
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thinking about the 49ers defense, that allowed the fewest yards in the league and are ready to pounce on an offensive line line that has allowed the most sacks in the nfl. >> kim, see you after the game. alex smith was probably playing the best football of his career but has taken a few steps back. look at the difference in quarterback rating. the first five games over 100. the last two, 58.8. only one touchdown since the last giants game. and four interceptions compared to one in the first five weeks. should there be reason for concern right now about alex smith? >> sure. he has been struck -- struggling the last couple weeks. we are talking about two of the best defenses in the league. i think he will rebound.
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that is particular -- typical of the style of football he plays. i think we'll see that tonight. he will take a dunk and dunk and underneath throw. >> exactly. and john skeleton will start at quarterback. this is a football team that started the year winning four straight and now struggled, three straight losses. this guy is part of the reason why. >> he is a huge part. part of the reason he is struggling is because the offensive line last not given him time to step up and throw. he struggled when he had time. he is not very accurate with the football. he cannot get it down field. everybody is jumping the underneath rattle. i think the 49ers will take advantage of that. >> if you are the defensive coordinator right now, will you throw a blitz at him? what do you do? >> you don't have to blitz. you can beat him with the four guys up front. you don't have to make a living, larry fitzgerald will
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burn you if you leave him one- on-one. he is one of the better guys in the business. they are good enough up front to get them their own. >> you played smany years for the 49ers. your coaches would not allow you to engage in trash talking because your coaches never wanted bulletin board material. obviously ken when i say than -- whisenhunt has a different philosophy. >> monday night football is the biggest stage in the country. number 93 will have a bulls eye on his chest, if i had an opportunity to take a questionable shot on him and bury him, i would take it. >> that's what i like. a true jeremy newberry. >> i don't have to be so sip low ma particular now. >> still to come on 49er preview, we sit down with jim
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harbaugh. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for kickoff...another primee game for jim harbaugh...i ct up w he prepares fo . counting down to kickoff, another prime time came for jim harbaugh. i caught up with the coach as he prepares for his first of two monday night games this season. >> i saw a number today that was interesting, that the nfc west teams, all four in the nfc west are all within the top ten defensively and it is a very physical game against seattle. do you see this division as a much more physical division, defensively, than it was last year? >> well, it was pretty darn physical last year, i have to say. it was physical out there the other night, our game with seattle. i thought it was a great game, great football game.
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whether you are talking college football or pro football, one of the best games that i had a chance to witness in the last decade. both teams played their guts out. these guys got out to a 4-0 start. and skelton, they only had 11 points in there. he did do damage against the 49ers defense the last time they met, what does he bring to the table as a quarterback for arizona? what do you have to watch out for? >> really, with all the quarterbacks, you know, skelton, tall, you know, a lot of really good pocket presence, good stature in the pocket, they all have strong arms and very good receivers to throw to, and they will fire it in there. so we did get hurt last year with some big plays. that's what you don't want to
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have. you don't want to give up the big play and you want to tackle. now do you know if the team is a good defense? you want to know if your team is a good defense, they tackle. >> bernie davis was saying he didn't catch the game against seattle. he noticed the, quote, explosive route, unquote, that opposing defenses were dropping a corner and providing a little help over the top, taking the routes away. do you see that and as a coach or maybe you talked to roman, does it become a game of chess? are you forced to counter that to get him involved in the offense? >> well, there is no doubt about it that teams are taking some measures to control vernon davis, to limit the damage he can do. that is their prerogative. he is always going to be involved because he may not catch a pass in a game like he did this past week. he had one of his best games blocked so well in the past.
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he was blocking a 350-pound man. and that really helped our offense move the football on the ground because with vernon blocking the defensive end it allowed us to block the remaining interior linemen and get up on the backers. vernon is a great player. other teams see that. you cannot hide that. they are going to locate him, find him. so i can talk to greg about it. it is hard to hide number 85. he does draw a crowd. >> reporter: he does. based on my advice, you know, in the media. >> you can't wave a magic wand and say hey, greg?
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>> reporter: yes. great stuff. >> that is jim harbaugh. at 11:00 wednesday, programming reminder, set your time schedule, take lunch early, coverage of the giants parade will begin right here on cbs-5. one more look at that historic night last night in detroit. tigers...only one team finis pletely sati . >> reports from last night inside the wild clubhouse in detroit following the sweep of the tiger. only one team finishes their season completely satisfied. for the second time in three years it is orange and black. >> we are so excited. we had so many factors in here. hunter was not even here a few months ago. >> it is like it was meant to happen this way. it has been a grind all year. we stayed the course and are world champs. >> it is amazing how things come back around, for us to
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play like we did against this great club, i could not be prouder. >> reporter: it is a great story. the only thing that makes it grater is if the 49ers end up in new orleans for the super. so you have football and baseball. >> okay. football coming up now. keys to the game? >> first and foremost, frank gore has 11 games against the cardinals. he averaged 115 a game, 11 touchdowns. we have to get frank going early. then we have to take care of the football. that is the running backs, the punt returners, everybody. don't turn the ball over, the only thing they have on fence is larry fitzgerald, he makes them go. if he is doing it, we're in trouble. if not, take him out of the game plan make him beat you on the running became and we're all right. >> the one thing i disagree with you, i think you go after the quarterback and put the pressure on skelton.
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they have a weak offensive line. put the pressure on arizona. >> he will have a tough time getting a second and third read and you can get there with the first guys. if you play good coverage and have enough guys, they will get to him. they are not playing good up front. we should be able to get to him and play good defense, don't let larry fitzgerald rundown the field by himself. >> see you after the football game. we'll see you right after the game. see you later, everybody. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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